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let your imagination take you away.

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This is a graphics community where our artworks collide. After accomplished batches of artworks, we decided to put them all together and share them with everyone.

We leave the rest up to you. – Nika & Ara.

And not to forget, WELCOME. ♥



1. RESPECT the rules, the mods, and most especially, each other. Strictly NO bashing, please. We all want to maintain an orderly atmosphere in the comm, don't we?
2. CREDIT random_abstract, nikattun or keiik0 if using any of the artworks posted. Just a simple note in your profile or in your userpic's comment box will do.
3. COMMENT. To post a simple 'thank you,' which only takes about 30 seconds to do, means a lot to the makers.
4. NO CLAIMING of any artworks as your own. Do take into consideration the effort and time the makers put into creating those pieces of art that you're enjoying.
5. Please DO NOT EDIT/ALTER the artworks you take in any way. In addition, textless artworks are NOT bases unless permitted by the maker, in this case, either by nikattun or by keiik0.
6. NO HOTLINKING, please. Upload them to your own image servers (photobucket, imageshack, etc.) to avoid link problems.
We do hope that you take these points into strict consideration.



Feel free to ask us anything about the community. Just send us a MESSAGE through our e-mail, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



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