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*MOD POST - YAY 100+!

WOW. We've been away for I think sooooo long like God knows how but then, thank you


To think this comm is barely alive now.
I know we haven't been around. So guilty 'bout that. *bricked*


I actually miss posting here. And I'll try to revive this comm as long as I can. ^^
And therefore, I'll exert effort, despite my school being a pain, to fulfill request graphics from some~

Since this is a REQUEST SECTION, please do follow this format when requesting for me or keiik0 to be able to properly grant your wishes. :)

Who (I’ll be making graphics of):
Type* (e.g. icon, banner, etc):
Size (in pixels for banners and headers):
Specification/s (if you want text on it, or if you want it in black&white, etc):
Picture** (direct links only):
Shareable (yes or no):

*Maximum of 3 icons, or 1 banner, or 1 header, or 1 wallpaper per request.
** Pictures should be at least medium in quality


Thank you for your support, minna! And with that, I'll try to be active from now on.
Yoroshiku~ ♥

EDIT: Watched Sprout, Rich Man, Poor Woman, Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou and other NEWS, Hey Say JUMP and Bakaleya crew vids. So my next post of graphics will be related to that, btw, which will be up soon. ^^ And downloading some textures and text fonts as well. It's creeping me out how excited I am about this. I don't know why. ^^; Oh well, hisashiburi minna~
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